According to George Carlin, frisbeetarianism is the philosophy that when you die, your soul goes on the roof and gets stuck!   I know this to be true.  We almost lost a couple souls on the roof of this build.  One day my brother Rick said, “screw it just bury me up here”.  I was waiting for him to take a nap but he never did.  I had the decking ready, and he would have made good insulation.

I should have nailed him in right here
Cannot Wait For The Next Employee Feedback Session

The sleepers came next and consisted of 2″x12″ dimensional lumber secured to the t&g at 24″ centers.  They were fastened to the pine deck with Simpson brackets and deck screws.  In between the sleepers, we installed 2″x10″ blocking at strategic locations parallel to the roof ridge.    The blocking aids the sleepers to remain true to the design geometry, and also provides a cavity for the insulation.

sleepers and blocking done
Ready For Batt Insulation

The batt insulation facing is stapled to the tongue and groove. The blocking is 2″ shallower than the sleepers, providing a continuous air flow over the insulation by means of the eave soffit vents and ridge vent.  The air flow releases the heat and moisture from the roof assembly.  This roof assembly has a combined R-value of 41.

Insulation Install - R38
Batt Insulation and Plywood Decking

The 5/8″ plywood decking was next.  Starting at the eaves and offsetting the plywood edges in the short direction, our journey to reach the ridge forged on.  The prescribed structural design nailing pattern is 6″ o.c. at the edges, and 12″ o.c. in the field.  The plywood was nailed directly into the tops of the sleepers.  Due to afternoon thunderstorms, everything that was insulated and decked had to be tarped.  This was a nightmare.  To protect the insulation, we spent 2 hours a day tarping.  The decking was covered with a layer of Sharkskin underlayment.

north deck underlayment
Sharkskin Underlayment Ready For Tin

The metal roof fabrication and installation were subcontracted.   Special thanks to Architectural Sheet Metal and Panels for the metal fabrication, and Pura Vida Roofing for the install.  These highly professional and service-oriented firms are from Ft. Collins, Colorado and did an outstanding job!

rolling out the snap lock panels
On-Site Roof Fabrication
north roof tin
Metal Roof Install

On deck for the next blog will be electrical stuff.  Until then,


Doug Jobe/Prosper Junction






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