Tongue and Groove Roof Deck

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The roof is designed so the joists are decked with mill sawn full dimension 2×6 pine tongue and groove (t&g).  You may have heard it called “car decking”.  Car decking is the t&g that is often installed on railroad car floors.  When the Rocky Mountain pine beetle infestation blanketed our area, there were vast stands of dead pine trees all over the state of Colorado and the western United States.

beetle bore holes
Rocky Mountain pine beetle bore holes in a ridge pole support column. About 1/8 inch diameter.

The infestation involves the beetles boring directly under the bark and leaving a fungus that blocks the nutrient and water transport in a tree.  If too many beetles bore into the trunk, the tree dies in less than a year.  The new larvae emerge within months and are off wreaking havoc on the next tree.   Dead pine beetle tree stands are still being harvested many years after the infestation.  For this home build, all the pine logs and t&g are harvested beetle kill pine from Kemmerer, Colorado. An added bonus is the eco-friendly way the dead tree becomes reclaimed.  The fungus leaves a beautiful contrasting pattern in the wood called “blue stain”.  It creates a unique, appealing, and colorful pattern in the finished wood which composes the finished ceiling.

The t&g boards are installed perpendicular to the roof joists.  The installation pattern begins at the eaves and continues to the roof ridge.  The t&g panels are butt-joined directly over the joists enabling the connection to be hidden.  The boards are fastened to the joists with a pneumatic nail hammer which was voted Most Valuable Tool!

josh and shaky legs jobe
Safely harnessed and nailing away. 
more ceiling tongue and groove
South t&g roof deck almost complete.

On deck for the blog will be roof sleepers, insulation, and decking. Until then,


Doug Jobe

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