There is a quiet, natural, and simple rhythm provided by logs in a log home.  The logs are like snowflakes – there isn’t two alike in the world.  Unlike dimensional lumber, where each piece is milled and cut to look identical to the next piece, logs have unique and unrepeatable geometry – lines, angles, shapes, slopes, circles, and patterns all originating from an imperfectly perfect tree.  This geometry has no man as it’s engineer or architect.  Most log buildings reveal their appeal and allure by leaving open the structural features which are not concealed by dry wall, plaster, or paint.  This provides for a unique style of architecture. The quiet, rhythmic shapes of the log’s perfections, imperfections, and character fills the soul with the tranquility of being alone in nature.  It’s well worth the price of admission.

All 3 RPSL’s Set
Over dangles cut to form  arches
Beautiful left-hand spiraled grain in ridge pole
Virtually straight grain in the column (RPSL)
First 2 sill logs pinned
Second Floor Girder Log
Second floor girder logs


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